WEIGH LOSS that works....

Glad you come to this section. Let me tell my story.

     After stopping from playing soccer in order for me to continue my studies, I had too much weight on me to worry about. Lots of stuff I couldn't do or be involved in any activity. I did lots of exercise even those spot reduction type but the weigh loss is quite little. So I thought I had to do the exercise longer to get greater result. Not only that, I had to have a workout schedule for me to maintain that puny result  :)

     But time isn't on my side, I am sure there must be a smarter way to achieve the objective. Finally I graduated along with my puny weight loss result. At least there's a difference.

Time flies...... Click Here!

    After working so long in my organisation, eventually I met my old friend. I was quite suprise with how she look now. I remember during college years, she usually calls me up for pizza get-together back in those time.

     Why pizza not coffee or anything, simply because she loves pizza and from how she looks then I understand why........she was bubbly BIG (sorry friend!!!.....). And now she looks very slim and gorgeous. Her skin look fairer and smooth to. What a nice looking person she became.

     After long period of exchanging our where about, I finally pop out the question which has been lingering in my mind. I asked her "How did you do it, getting to become this slim and beautiful .......and sexy too?" She look sexy with her office clothes.....

     Anyway, she then open up her secrets which she kept to herself for a long time. She said "Well, I've watsapp you the knowledge" She continued "Read it and you'll amaze of how it can help has been under our nose all the time" She keeps telling me how it change her life like confidence level, better work life, socializing and importantly she said her health got even better. Having good health enable you do many stuff even repairing household she adds. Good health does gives you a sharp mind. Then we went back and I can't wait to see what she was talking.

The info is here......

     From that day, my health has been improvised. My posture look firmly great and skin became clearer. Now this is the information I was looking for, helping me to become a better person and having good health with lesser body fat.

    I know people around does look for ways to be healthier and look slimmer. Although we do need body fat but having much of it isn't doing us good. Like the in the song long time ago " Too much of something is bad enough but too much of nothing is just as tough".

    Share my story with those who have weigh problem or trying to look better. What was given had done me good so maybe it would do the same to you. 

My Two Cents

     Hi! Thank you for coming to my blog. This blog of mine is where I'd release what is on my mind. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Zohdi Yusoff and I come from Malaysia...................I am working for the government situated at Putrajaya - the government ground. Ok don't wanna waste your time....Enjoy reading :)


Funny Video

PUTRAJAYA is always a place for getting together, hanging out with friends beside being a government territory. I've showed my visitor or neighbour friends in Putrjaya a few videos which I want to share. Eye-ball on these videos here :

1. Amazing!

2. Man-eating shark

3. What a lady...


4. Oh my...

Putrajaya with hotels, public tranportations, foodcourts, entertainment events and Government ministries in Malaysia

You hear the news about Putrajaya pops out anywhere in the air & electronics media, papers, mobile phone and lots of other stuff. That city is the grand federal territory of Malaysia if you might wonder :) Here, allow me to tell my story of this newly built city Putrajaya, the "playground" of government civil servant in Malaysia.

I have lived in Putrajaya since the year 2003 till now. The areas here are developing day by day. Each day a construction of a projects are beginning, pogressing and also finishing happens. So as more highways are linked to this city, it is nice to drive calmly in Putrajaya without hassles. I can easily go to Kuala Lumpur or any city nearby using plenty of roads it offers. The public transportations in Putrajaya such as busses, ERL (Express Rail Link) and taxis are available here too. Even the fares are pretty reasonable to travel around.

So many big buildings and bridges are around Putrajaya. I am working for the goverment and I do agree that the offices area are so spacious than before moving here. Not only big buildings around, there's also a shopping mall (Alamanda), five-star hotels & a resort and not forgetting the friendly community centers in every presint of Putrajaya. I like the center better because it is a family-type kind of area for people to get loose. There are children playgrounds and swimming pool at the center so they could have fun :) And there's many eating foodcourts around where various of meals offered to choose from. I do my readings there since it is not so noisy eventhough plenty of people comes to enjoy the scenery. But the center is getting better too since more visitors are coming to it.

I would recommend Putrajaya as a tourist stop since there so many landmarks to visit and to have pictures taken. By 2020, this city will become the busiest and well-developed city in this country. Come! And have a see of a newly developing city at birth

For in-depth , go search in Technorati to get information of Putrajaya.

Malaysian product, Tikar Sarawak is what people of Putrajaya love to see around the city.

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