Putrajaya with hotels, public tranportations, foodcourts, entertainment events and Government ministries in Malaysia

You hear the news about Putrajaya pops out anywhere in the air & electronics media, papers, mobile phone and lots of other stuff. That city is the grand federal territory of Malaysia if you might wonder :) Here, allow me to tell my story of this newly built city Putrajaya, the "playground" of government civil servant in Malaysia.

I have lived in Putrajaya since the year 2003 till now. The areas here are developing day by day. Each day a construction of a projects are beginning, pogressing and also finishing happens. So as more highways are linked to this city, it is nice to drive calmly in Putrajaya without hassles. I can easily go to Kuala Lumpur or any city nearby using plenty of roads it offers. The public transportations in Putrajaya such as busses, ERL (Express Rail Link) and taxis are available here too. Even the fares are pretty reasonable to travel around.

So many big buildings and bridges are around Putrajaya. I am working for the goverment and I do agree that the offices area are so spacious than before moving here. Not only big buildings around, there's also a shopping mall (Alamanda), five-star hotels & a resort and not forgetting the friendly community centers in every presint of Putrajaya. I like the center better because it is a family-type kind of area for people to get loose. There are children playgrounds and swimming pool at the center so they could have fun :) And there's many eating foodcourts around where various of meals offered to choose from. I do my readings there since it is not so noisy eventhough plenty of people comes to enjoy the scenery. But the center is getting better too since more visitors are coming to it.

I would recommend Putrajaya as a tourist stop since there so many landmarks to visit and to have pictures taken. By 2020, this city will become the busiest and well-developed city in this country. Come! And have a see of a newly developing city at birth

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Malaysian product, Tikar Sarawak is what people of Putrajaya love to see around the city.

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